Google first page club

15,000 more dollars & 100 more organic traffic - This is what one of my members got after 6 months working with me!

 My SEO ranks better than any other service you’ll find on internet. 

At my old office in Norway – I like to use 2-3 screens, it makes the job done faster and better 


This is me, I am a native Norwegian.
I love to work with SEO and have done this for the last 15 years. I have build around 1000 websites. All of them rank really well on Google and Bing.
I still build websites, some of them I keep, but most of them I sell with profit.

I want to invite you to my " Secret club".

Each month I will work with your website, give it backlinks, ping it and make sure Google loves it.


Do what I tell you to do combine with my backlinks and your website will rank. And you will earn money.
Montly natruall backlinks will keep your website up on Google search engine.

Become a member and I will give you backlinks from:

I have a list with 10 000 websites I can give you backlinks from

This club have only room for 150 members. That the maxium of websites I can work with a month. I work 10 - 12 Hours a day ( I dont hire anyone to work for me) I love control

Every month I will send you a Backlink Report

Google crawl for new links to your website every month. I will give you fresh links every signle month as a member.

Normal price for memberships is 99 USD a month - Your price is only 34.90 a month

Her you can see the result of some websites I have been working with the last 3-4 months

1. You’re looking for a reliable SEO but still haven't found your guy (maybe you’ve been let down in the past)
2. You need a SEO strategy that actually WORKS!
3. You need it to start working quickly!

Who am I and Why Should you Listen to Me?

1 I have work with over 10 000 websites, I have transform tusens of companies all over the world. 

2. I have helped thousands of people, just like you to be financually independent, by transforming there websites that convert better and are more attractive to visitors. 

3. My SEO strategies will give you more sales, more visitors

4. SEO people hire me when they struggle, ( Well this is there secret) 



This is for a website I start working with before I started 0 visitors after 3 months it ranks really well on a hard keyword. ( Screenshot is from my member analytics) 


What members get:

1-50 New links to your website that will make it rank. ( A month ) 

Blog post, Bookmarking, Forums, Web 2.0 sites, search engine submissions, ping back services. 

Diffrent links every single month will give your website a stable backlinks that Google will love. 

No spam everything is 100% natruall and 100% good for your website 

Premium indexer

Montly report – and tips to rank your website faster 

Support – You can email me when you want to. Ask me questions about SEO 


Why buy a monthly SEO service?

1. Stady income with new links every single month 

2. Your website will have a stady ranking 

3. Your website will not be punished becuse of spam! 

4. You save time, and can do other things like take care of your costumers 


Even for BASIC SEO (that’s not guaranteed to rank anyway), typical investment looks something like this;

1. Link building tool = 200 USD a month
2. Proxies =  30 USD per month

3. Content writers = 200 – 300 USD a month

4. 5 PBN domains and hosting = $1000 USD

5. Backlink Checkers – SEO tools = $10-200 USD per month

6. Outreach management software = $99 per month

All this tools will cost you from 800 – 1500 USD a month, with no guarantee of results! 

And you need to learn alot of SEO things that you dont have time to learn ore dont understand! 

My service cost 34.90 USD a month - You can cancel the service whenever you want!

Listen up! I dont really need to work for you. I just want to use what I have learn the last 15 years on a partner. ( Yes you are my partner)

Invest in me and I will invest my time in you and your company - And I will get your website to rank super high on Google, Bing and other search engine.

Here's What I'm Going to do For You! 

 I will help you double,triple or even 10x your investment– by getting your website to rank fast 

· I will keep you making money –By maintaining your position on google

· I will help you discover more money making opportunities for your business- with deep keyword research and additional optimization tips for your website if you want.

· I will positively transform your online business (and maybe even your life)

· I will make your success online super easy (it only takes 3 minutes to place your order)


Non-English languages ACCEPTED – The content will be on English- 

High rankings in Google does not always guarantee traffic or sales.

Please do not expect to rank on the first page of Google for highly competitive terms such as “make money” or “loan “for example.

Seo competition cannot be accurately measured in the Google adwords keyword tool, or by the number of results pages.

I dont work with adult websites all other niche are welcome 

You can cancel your membership when you want to, 

This service is for 1 – 3 Keywords 

34.90 a month is to expensive - What can I do?

I am working really hard to get your website rank, so I can not do anything about the price! 

When do my website start to rank?

Your website will start to rank after 30-40 days, and it will rank for each month. For some websites it takes longer time to rank. It depends on your keyword and competition. 

Become a member today! It takes you 3 min of your life

Monthly payment 34.90 USD a month


All members that have WordPress gets these premium plugins: ( Yoast SEO Premium cost 89 USD a month) 

All-in-One SEO Pack Pro
Yoast SEO Premium
Yoast SEO for WooCommerce
Yoast Local SEO
Yoast Video SEO
Yoast News SEO
Schema Pro
WPMU Dev SmartCrawl
Interlinks Manager
Premium SEO Pack
Rankie Rank Tracker
SNIP Structured Data
Permalink Manager Pro
Schema Premium
Hreflang Manager
Simple Link Directory Pro
Rich Snippets

For no ekstra cost: 

Monthly payment 34.90 USD a month