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.After 15 years in the SEO game, I know what ranks, and I know what dont rank 



I dont ruin your website reputation with spaming down blogs, guest posts etc. I only build 100% good white hat backlinks that people want to have on there websites.

Hello. My name is Marius, I am hardworking and a honest person. ( To honest ) I will be honest with you from start to end.
Do what I tell you to do, and you will rank the next months. ( Money back guarantee ) spam free and worry free.
Some keywords is harder to rank on than others. So maybe we need to use ekstra time.
I am native Norwegian, so my grammer is not always right. ( I have English writers that help me sometimes – But I dont want to distburb them with this, and they cost money) I do all the seo work myself.
First I have one question, do you really think somebody will manually post your links to 2000 websites plus for 20 USD?

I have buy SEO services for 10 000 Dollars maybe more, to get my websites to rank, 90% of it dont work
The first 6-9 months my websites rank well, so I buy more SEO services, more backlinks. But my websites was punish. All my websites drop. I used another 1000 dollars to fix this. Some websites I could saved, some of them is lost forever.

I have now built up enough confidence to offer my services at well under half the price of what I usually take. Why?
Because this is cheaper traffic, then to my website and because I want to help you, at the same time as I learn alot myself from helping you. Win win situation for both of us

I dont spam down websites – Copy paste
I dont sit her and copy and paste your url and keyword on diffrent websites. I will find good websites that will give you higher ranking and a good reputation online. You lose that with copy paste spammers ( They call it manual work, ore the use bots but not telling you)


Do you spam down websites?
No, I dont spam down websites. I only do 100% Manual work. I dont sit and copy and paste to. Like many SEO backlinker do. I choose uniq backlinks for each project that will help you rank.

Why copy paste method dont work?
They copy and paste the same txt everywhere, som webmaster is ok with it, but most webmaster will remove it. Maybe not now, but they will in 7 days, 2 months ore maybe next year. You will lose a backlink and the reputation of your website is droping. Not only from google, but from people that get mad becuse you spam them down. The credibility of your website will also fall.

Example of bad link / Spam - Yes its to my own website. I hire this person to give me 1500 backlinks and all of them was like this. Copy paste spam! 

Money back quarantee – If your website dont start to rank I will give you the money back. It will take 2-3 months before we can se any results. 

Not just backlinks – Do as I say you should do combined with our backlinks and analytics will give you rank.

Money back guarantee, No questions asked.
I will give 100% of your money back of you are not happy.
Works with all languages.
But I can not promise that all txt will be 100% correct

My guarantee
All new websites, will start and get higher DR / PR within 5-6 weeks. This will continue to grow for the next 3-4 weeks after this.
I work with keywords from every languages, but the txt around your keyword will be on English.

I will give you:
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